Just because someone says favourable things about a dictator should not disqualify them from being President. Even heads of state and diplomats are regularly cordial in order to accomplish important missions. You get things done by flattery and compliments, even if they aren’t sincere.

As for the “suggestions” of impropriety, there are always more than one way to skin the cat. Investigative journalists have always found ways to ferret out the truth. Nobody can hide everything behind tax returns.

Until these allegations are proven, Trump is still a valid candidate.

If the country decides to elect a racist and a liar and a buffoon, how can we criticize democracy and the will of the people?

For the record, there have been many racist Presidents. There have also been Presidential buffoons like George W and Bill Clinton (who sat in front of the American people and lied about getting his dick sucked–watching him bob and weave around the issue was hilarious). And what politician does not lie?

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