JavaScript, R, Swift, Go, Groovy, and Clojure are conspicuously absent. These are all very important languages!

And where are Dart, Elixir, Elm, Haxe, Julia, Kotlin, Rust, TypeScript…all of them important up-and-coming languages?

And where is Scheme? Scheme is derived from Lisp, but it is not Lisp. Scheme rightfully deserves to be a separate language.

Half of your list of languages is so obscure, I am flummoxed why you chose them over the above-mentioned languages. Agora? BETA? Cecil? Lava? Lisaac? Object-Z? Pliant? How many people use these languages???

Moreover, markup languages are not programming languages. They’re used in programming, but by themselves they aren’t used to write applications. They’re not even Turing Complete (although HTML + CSS together are Turing Complete).

It seems to me that your list was very poorly researched.

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