JavaScript may be the native language of the web browser, but that doesn’t mean you have to directly program in it. Why wouldn’t you want to directly program in it? Quite simply: because JavaScript is a terrible programming language. It has broken semantics that make it dangerous to use.

Not to fret, however. You have choices; you have alternative languages that transpile to JavaScript. Most of these alternative languages are superior, being based on a solid foundation.

Despite all the web frameworks that are available for JavaScript, they aren’t worth inflicting this dysfunctional language on yourself.

In 2016, the latest version of ECMAScript is a bloated language unworthy of JavaScript’s reputation for being light, breezy, and easy to learn. The language spec for ECMAScript 2015 is over 545 pages long! ECMA keeps piling on feature after feature without fixing the basic semantical problems of the language. Sooner or later, you will have to tangle with this enormous mess.

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