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JavaScript is the Donald Trump of the IT Industry

How on God’s green earth did Donald Trump get elected to the White House???

Donald Trump is puerile, arrogant, ignorant, vindictive, delusional, and egotistical. He is supporting white nationalists. He is undermining the LGBT community. He is destroying the image of the United States. He brings no decorum to the White House. He gets no respect from other world leaders. His approval rating is the lowest in U.S. history.

His own party is trying to distance themselves from him. His White House is in chaos with numerous firings and scandals. He’s getting very little done in Congress. His only “achievement” is a stronger economy.

He pulled out of the Paris climate change agreement, surely a huge black eye for the planet.

A “basket of deplorables” voted him into office. His “base” of the alt-right loves him and adores him. White middle America stands behind him.

How on God’s green earth did JavaScript become the darling of the IT industry???

JavaScript is riddled with warts and internal inconsistencies. Its numerous WATs and WTFs have made it the butt of industry jokes for a dozen years.** It was so bad that Douglas Crockford felt compelled to write “JavaScript: The Good Parts.”

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Instead of repairing these flaws (which might break the web), ECMA TC39 have glossed over them with tons of new features in ES5.1, ES6.0, ES7.0, and ES8.0. This is supposed to turn JavaScript into a good language. Who believes this nonsense?

JavaScript now has a pretty face (arrow functions, iterators, generators, promises, await/async, destructuring, etc.), but it still has a rotten soul. It shares the dubious honour of being one of the three worst programming languages in wide use (the other two are PHP and C++).

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The Demons Three: PHP, JavaScript, C++

JavaScript became a fan favourite from the great unwashed who followed the trail of easy money and web fever that has the world tightly in its grip of greed and corruption. It’s front-end this and full-stack that. It’s Angular and React (Native) and Node and Bootstrap and Ember and Meteor and Vue.

This madness must stop!

People want President Trump impeached. Serious programmers want JavaScript sequestered to the web browser domain where it belongs

It is better for JavaScript to rule in Hell than to serve in Heaven.

** Jokes…

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