JavaScript devs keep saying this, but it’s disingenuous. JavaScript isn’t the only language that’s EVERYWHERE. So is Smalltalk, for example. But I wouldn’t suggest that Smalltalk is STRONG everywhere. And JavaScript isn’t, either.

Front end? Smalltalk is there.

Back end? Smalltalk is there.

Desktop? Smalltalk is there.

Mobile? Smalltalk is there.

Numerical computing and data science? Smalltalk is there.

Machine learning? Smalltalk is there.

Natural language processing? Smalltalk is there.

Internet of Things? Smalltalk is there.

Virtual reality? Smalltalk is there.

However, in all of these areas, Smalltalk pales in comparison to the major languages. Similarly, in most of these areas, JavaScript also pales in comparison.

Desktop? Check the enterprise and you’ll find that Java and C++ utterly dominate. Electron is but a radar blip.

Mobile? Java/Kotlin and Objective-C/Swift (and even C++!!!) utterly dominate.

Numerical computing? Don’t make me laugh.

For the rest of the list, JavaScript barely registers.

JavaScript can claim the win for web dev and Node. That’s about it.

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