It’s possible that were I to use JavaScript more heavily for front-end development, I could learn to like it. But love it?

I’ve already found a language that I absolutely love to pieces. It’s called Smalltalk. This language is beautifully simple and elegant. Its syntax can be nicely summarized on the back of a postcard! There are many ways to describe JavaScript but beautifully simple and elegant is not one of them.

Another quality of Smalltalk that makes me love it is the built-in live coding IDE/runtime that makes software development unbelievably powerful. It is the primary reason that Smalltalk is the world’s most productive programming language.

Frankly, I see no conceivable reason why I should choose JavaScript over Smalltalk other than that JavaScript is enormously popular and well-supported for front-end web programming.

I believe you when you say that if you put in the extra effort to learn JavaScript properly, you will find the language less objectionable. You will know better to avoid its numerous quirks and traps. I really do believe you.

My question is, why should I put in this extra effort when a language like Smalltalk already exists which is free of language encumbrances, which offers supreme productivity, which is a pure pleasure to use?

Should I put in the extra effort because JavaScript is popular and has lots of frameworks and tools? Is that sufficient reason?

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