It’s foolish to choose a language solely on the basis of average salary and number of job opportunities. Is this what programming is all about, making money? They have a word to describe such a money-grubbing individual: whore.

Whatever happened to choosing a profession for the love of it? You should enjoy what you do, not merely enjoy the remuneration.

JavaScript is the worst programming language in the world with respect to language design flaws. It has numerous traps and pitfalls, the dark corners of the language. JavaScript’s notorious WATs and WTFs have made it the butt of jokes for years.

There are so many other worthy languages that you would ignore, just because they don’t offer the highest salaries. C++ is a very important language for robust, large-scale software engineering. Its phenomenal performance makes it ideal for high-performance computing, AAA video games, computer graphics, systems and real-time programming, embedded applications, etc.

C# is a crucial language for Windows/.NET programming. Don’t forget that Windows is still the most popular desktop platform in the world, and a veritable enterprise standard.

PHP powers most of the world’s websites. For web development, this language cannot be ignored.

Scala is a major Java alternative and widely used for cloud computing, machine learning, pretty much all the same domains as for Java.

Clojure is the most important Lisp variant to come in years. It is a much loved language.

Pharo is the most important Smalltalk variant to come in years. It’s all the more important because Smalltalk is provably the most productive programming language of note in the world. What would you give to write your software in half the time (on average) it takes in other languages?

Go is fast becoming one of the most important programming languages. Go is a Top 10 language at IEEE Spectrum, and a Top 20 language at TIOBE, RedMonk, PYPL, and StackOverflow Developer Survey 2018. Go is #4 in GitHub pull requests behind JavaScript, Python, and Java!!!

I could go on and on and on. The point is, your absurd mercantilist position is leading people to overlook many important programming languages. And putting JavaScript at the top of the list is most absurd of all.

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