Is it true that the US is losing a lot of power and influence?

Richard Kenneth Eng
2 min readApr 13, 2023

A lot has changed in America over the past several decades. The country has been sliding downwards in many ways.

The politics has changed. America has never been so deeply divided before. Congress has been practically paralyzed. The White House and Congress are effectively in the pocket of the wealthy corporate elite. America is more of an oligarchy or plutocracy than a democracy.

The domestic problems that plague America have been greatly amplified in recent decades. The national debt is a staggering $31.6 trillion, or 126 percent of GDP. The national infrastructure is crumbling and decaying (the recent East Palestine derailment is a painful reminder).

Homelessness (i.e., tent cities) is rampant in all the major urban centers of the country.

Gun violence and mass shootings are rampant compared to decades ago. On average, there are more than one mass shooting every single day of the year!

America practices mass incarceration for the highest number and the highest per capita rate in the world.

An opioid epidemic is sweeping the country.

The quality of education is declining. The life expectancy of Americans is declining (down to 76 years now). F*ck, the Chinese have a higher life expectancy at 77 years!

Economic inequality is worse now than it’s ever been. Most of the nation’s wealth is concentrated in the top one percent.

Internationally, America is losing diplomatic influence. The world is de-dollarizing in a big way! In the future, the US will be unable to impose effective sanctions.

Despite pleas from the United States to increase oil production, Saudi Arabia did the exact opposite: cut oil production!

Many countries are now settling oil and gas trades in RMB instead of the petrodollar, leading some to call the RMB “petroyuan.”

Outside of the collective West, the world refused to follow US-led sanctions against Russia.

China brokered a history-making rapprochement between Saudi Arabia and Iran without any involvement from the Americans. The State Department is absolutely furious!

The USA tried to compete with China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) with the Build Back Better World initiative (B3W). B3W fell flat on its face!

More and more countries are asking to join the BRICS and SCO organizations. They’re pivoting away from America.

Over the past decade, Japan and China and several other countries have been substantially reducing their holdings of US treasuries. This is alarming Janet Yellen.

So, yes, it’s very true.