In using Smalltalk, you are not compelled to use deep inheritance. Smalltalk is a pretty flexible language. You can use as much or as little of class hierarchy as you like. The built-in Smalltalk class library is extremely rich and powerful, and this makes for an excellent starting point.

Moreover, with Smalltalk’s blocks and closures, you can do a lot of functional-style stuff, too. In fact, it is this combination of OO and lambdas that makes Smalltalk so incredibly powerful.

You talk about rapid, sustainable development. Smalltalk is perfect for this. Smalltalk practically invented duck typing and live coding/debugging and TDD. With its fantastic environment/IDE, Smalltalk makes a solid claim for being the most productive programming language in the world. I would recommend Smalltalk to any commercial startup that needs the shortest possible “time to market.” JavaScript, Python and Ruby? Pshah!

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