In my experience, the Russians are extremely clever. That they can so easily hack into American websites to manipulate political outcomes is evidence of their technological superiority. Russia can rightfully call itself part of Europe, and the Europeans are renowned for their support of Smalltalk. Clear across the European continent, from UK, Denmark, and France through Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland, Spain, Germany, Czechia, Italy, Ukraine and Russia, and even beyond Europe to Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Cameroon, Algeria, India, USA, and Canada, the European Smalltalk User Group (or ESUG) is a massive and influential organization that is very actively determining the future course of Smalltalk. This is truly significant because Smalltalk is a wondrous programming technology that points to the future of software development around the globe. If the Russians possess this secret weapon (and I have no doubt that they do), the West have every reason to fear Vladimir Putin.

Just as the Russians have overtly infiltrated the U.S. web-facing digital infrastructure, they’ve also covertly sought to undermine the U.S. foundation for web development by teasing the Americans with the promise of productivity through adopting one programming language throughout the entire programming stack. American web developers are so gullible that they’ve swallowed this nonsense hook, line and sinker. Sucker!

Anyone with more than two brain cells to rub together knows that Go (or “golang”) is a far superior technology to Node. It’s just as easy to use. And it can run rings around Node. Go is infinitely safer to use than JavaScript (Node).

Those Russians are immeasurably more cunning that we give them credit for. But all is not lost yet. Just as we achieved a “balance of power” in the 1960s with MAD (mutually assured destruction), we should adopt Smalltalk and give ourselves the same technological advantage. Our very survival is at stake.

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