Referencing your own articles only makes you less credible because they’re your opinions which you try to sell as facts or evidence.

In many publications, it is common practice for an article to cite other articles from the same publication, even from the same author! Check out CNET, InfoWorld, PC Magazine, and TechBeacon, for example. I’m not doing anything unusual here.

Also, most of the articles in these publications present the authors’ own opinions and interpretations. This, too, is common practice.

Moreover, I don’t just cite my own articles. In fact, in this particular article, The Fall of the House of Node, I don’t cite any of my own articles. I cite articles from TJ Holowaychuk, Eric Jiang, Thomas Bradford, Kaushal Subedi, Serdar Yegulalp (from InfoWorld), and Alexandra Grant, as well as an answer from Quora about the disadvantages of using Node. So I don’t know why you mention this here in the comments.

Did you check out all the above citations? How did you miss them?

btw is your experience 20 or 30 years as they seem interchangeable in your comments

It’s 20 years pre-retirement. I retired in 2000 at age 46. However, since 2000, I’ve been doing pro bono IT work, so it’s 30+ years if you include that.

…they still pick JavaScript because they like it. Are they all stupid?

Yes, many people “like” JavaScript. It’s what I call a mass psychosis. They’re not stupid.

Are you the one in charge to decide what language should someone pick?

I’m not in charge of anything. I’m offering a warning to the IT community based on my many years of experience. I regard it as my civic duty, a public service, if you will. It’s part of my pro bono IT work.

In fact, I have many supporters. If you look at the Top 18 articles I’ve published, you see that fully half of them are critical of JavaScript. The topmost article has over 93k views (as of today). This is absolutely phenomenal. It has clearly struck a nerve.

I would venture to guess that more people hate JavaScript than love it. It is the most despised programming language in the world. Not even PHP, Perl, nor C++ can come close.

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