In Canada, this stupid thing goes for C$449 for the Sport edition (and goes up to C$15,500). The value proposition is absurd. I just bought a OnePlus One (64 GB) for C$480, and that includes tax and shipping! And for this, I have a premium smartphone with enormous capabilities. It allows me to send text messages and make calls, surf the web, watch videos, play games, etc. The things that the Apple Watch (or any smartwatch, for that matter) can do for me are gimmicky at best. The tiny screen is a serious limiting factor. For telling time, it is practically useless (you can’t simply glance at the Watch, you have to raise your arm to activate the screen)! This is a timepiece, right?

Medical monitor, haptic notifications, personal connections…all nice gimmicks, but I can easily live without them. Especially at these usurious prices.

And to make the most of the Apple Watch, it must be paired with an iPhone for another exorbitant price tag.

Look, I admire the UI design that Apple put into their Watch. It is truly elegant. And it is fun. But the Watch is nowhere near as useful as a smartphone. To me, it’s a very expensive toy. Fun to play with. A novelty.

As jewellery (even at the C$15,500 price point), it’s boring! Sure, the build quality is at your typical Apple level, but ultimately it’s a squarish screen that’s unlit most of the time, presenting a dull, lifeless face. As an (automatic) watch aficionado, I appreciate true “timepieces as jewellery and art,” such as Omega, Zenith, Ulysse Nardin, etc. Some of their designs are so drop-dead gorgeous, they make you weep.

Beautiful watches can also become family heirlooms. They’ll still be usable for the next several generations, only requiring occasional watch maintenance. I guarantee that the Apple Watch will lose its lustre after a few years. Software updates will cease in time. The device certainly won’t last a generation (electronics ultimately does break down).

Of course, you can always upgrade your Apple Watch, adding to your total lifetime cost. You do this with your iPhone anyway, but the resale value of an Apple Watch is questionable. I certainly wouldn’t want a hand-me-down Apple Watch.

To those who buy the product with the expectation of great things to come, I have to wonder if you will have upgraded the Watch by then. Can we spell s-u-c-k-e-r, boys and girls?

At the end of the day, a smartwatch may have greater utility in the future as it continues to evolve. Right now, the utility is not worth more than the price of a Samsung Galaxy Gear Fit or Microsoft Band, i.e., less than $200. I hope it won’t need to be tethered to a smartphone. Certainly, it’ll never be jewellery.

But today, you should just pass on the Apple Watch, unless you have more money than sense.

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