I’m not questioning the value of Scala. However, it is absolutely clear that after 15 years, Scala still hasn’t broken into the Top 10 languages. That was my only point, so where is the ignorance?

Fact: Scala is #26 at TIOBE, #18 at IEEE Spectrum, #16 at PYPL, and #13 at RedMonk. At StackOverflow Develop Survey 2019, Scala has a measly 3.8% of the votes for “Most Popular Technologies.” Even Kotlin has 6.4% and Java has 41.1%.

At Githut.info, Scala is #19 for most active repositories. Java is #2, Golang is #14, and C# is #10.

Fact: At Indeed, Python has 70,901 job postings, Java has 67,663, JavaScript has 48,057, C++ has 39,635, C# has 29,991, Ruby has 15,634, PHP has 14,756, Perl has 14,251, Swift has 6,759, and Scala has 6,459. These numbers are for the United States at the time of writing. There are far fewer Scala jobs than even Perl jobs!

Scala is definitely a major language. I am not disputing that. However, I see no evidence that it will ever ascend into the Top 10. I see no evidence that it will ever come close to displacing Java. Scala is, at best, a second-tier language.

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