I wrote this Quora answer to address the supposed drawbacks of OOP.

The problem is that Mr. Scalfani is looking at OOP from the perspective of abstract data types as implemented in languages like C++ and Java, rather than from Alan Kay’s perspective as a network of collaborative objects that communicate via messages. Alan Kay’s vision of OOP is endlessly scalable, and it is best represented by the Smalltalk programming system itself. No one has ever criticized the Smalltalk system of being fragile, unscalable, and unreliable. It is an excellent example of code reusability.

No programming paradigm is perfect. They all have limitations. But OOP has been well-proven for over three decades. If it was truly as defective as Mr. Scalfani claims, the IT industry would’ve transitioned away from it a long time ago. OOP remains the dominant paradigm and functional programming isn’t even close to catching up. The IT industry is not moving wholesale over to functional programming. I’ll go one step further: it never will.

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