I use Amber Smalltalk which also creates a pile of JavaScript. However, I don’t need a “framework” to perform data binding. I write my application just like I write any other application throughout my career using the language’s own facilities (eg, FORTRAN, Tandem TAL, C, C++, C#). Okay, that isn’t completely true: I’ve used Python with the web2py framework, and Amber relies on jQuery. But you get my point. I don’t need to do any of that funny declarative stuff with data binding and dependency injection in Angular and Ember. Using those tools just makes writing applications so much more complicated. JQuery is the only JS framework I care to use.

On the server side, I’d rather use something like Go or Java. Node’s claim to fame is in high-performance, asynchronous I/O, but that model has limited usefulness. (Go is really good at concurrency.) And the idea that Node lets you use a dysfunctional programming language for both front end and back end is truly as idiotic as it sounds.

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