I understand that opinion is greatly divided on this language. People have different viewpoints about technology and that’s fine.

My viewpoint is that Go is a very pragmatically designed language. It’s not trying to push the state of the art in language design. It just wants to provide a practical tool for writing large-scale enterprise applications. And I believe it succeeds admirably.

Go is very small, simple, and minimalist. It has a small set of orthogonal language features that work well together. This makes Go easy to learn.

It resembles C in many ways but also improves on C in many ways. I love C, too.

Go won’t win any awards for language design. It doesn’t have to, because it doesn’t matter. The only thing that Go cares about is making it easy and safe to write BIG software systems. I believe it can do this. The proof is always in the pudding.

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