I think you are conflating two different things here. First, I do often compare Smalltalk with other languages, but almost always I point out where the other languages are weak. It is not "shitting" on other languages to point out their weaknesses. I believe this is a fair approach to promoting a programming language.

Second, just because I advocate for Smalltalk doesn't mean that I can't express opinions about other languages. I've written hundreds of blogs over the years about various programming languages.

If I weren't promoting Smalltalk, I'd still have opinions about other languages, and I am perfectly entitled to express those opinions, am I not?

Third, you are absolutely correct. I have a particular bone to pick with JavaScript. I don't have strong feelings about other languages.

Why do I single out JavaScript? Because in my opinion, it really and truly is a shit language. This has nothing to do with how I feel about Smalltalk.

If Smalltalk didn't exist, I'd still feel the same way about JavaScript. Just because some people make good use of JavaScript doesn't change my opinion.

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