I quite agree with you: JS’s intended problem domain is indeed the web. I’ve explicitly stated that if you want to write modest size web apps, JS is fine. Go for it.

My issue is with scale. The larger your application, the more challenging it will be to maintain it and to ensure a certain level of quality. I don’t know how anyone can disagree with this. I also don’t know how anyone can disagree with the contention that JS has serious weaknesses in this regard. I’ve covered these weaknesses ad nauseam, but it seems to fall on deaf ears for some reason. I feel like yelling out, “Stop drinking the Kool-aid!!!”

As for the dead horse, you do realize that WebAssembly is coming, right? Eventually, all major languages will be able to compile to WebAssembly giving everyone real language choice in the web browser. In this sense, JS’s days are numbered.

BTW, I understand that PHP 7 is much improved, so there is hope for this language. Unfortunately, ECMA are unable to do the same for JS. They can’t fix the fundamental problems of the language without breaking the web; they’re working with one hand tied behind their back.

What’s worse is that they keep growing the damn size of JavaScript. ECMAScript 2015’s language spec is an alarming 545 pages long! Good F*cking Grief! I shudder to think what ECMAScript 2016 will look like.

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