I quite agree. However, because of the relatively small size of the user community compared to, say, the community of Ruby developers, it’s difficult to find people with the time and energy to document the entire class library. After all, the library is absolutely huge and it would take many man-years of effort to document every class and provide examples.

That’s why we rely on the “see and discover for yourself” approach, as well as a number of solid books. This is greatly assisted in Pharo with the Finder utility (World->Tools->Finder). Of course, we’d be very happy if there were volunteers who would step up to document the most important classes. But this won’t happen unless we can substantially grow our community.

Hence, my advocacy campaign. I recognize there is the usual chicken-or-the-egg dilemma.

And finally, a beginner can always ask questions in the Pharo and Smalltalk forums, like “what classes do I need to send SSL email?”

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