I present data from Indeed.com (U.S.) taken yesterday:

Java — 71.8k job postings

Python — 44.9k

JavaScript — 43.3k

C++ — 34.9k

C# — 31.4k

Objective-C — 23.9k

Ruby — 21k

PHP — 19.2k

Perl — 18.1k

There are many more jobs for Java. There are at least as many for Python. There are almost as many for C++ and C#.

If Trendy Skills can be trusted, internationally Java does a lot better than JavaScript. Currently the data is being daily extracted from major job advertisement websites (eg Monster.com and similar) for the countries of USA, UK, Germany, Sweden, Spain, Ireland, Netherlands, Austria, Czech Republic, Belgium, Finland, India and Greece.

I’m just a fact checker. Don’t shoot the messenger.

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