I never said Trump was a “brilliant businessman,” but there’s no question that he’s been a successful businessman. Has he had failures along the way? Of course. No businessman can have a perfect track record.

He started with a $14 million loan from his father and turned it into billions. By any measure, that’s a remarkable achievement. Many entrepreneurs have started with a modest stake (say, $10,000) and turned it into millions. We don’t diminish their achievements simply because a family friend may have staked them. So Trump started out with a much bigger stake. Why is that a big deal?

If he’s lying about his net worth, what do you think his actual net worth is? On what basis do you question his net worth?

Trump hews to the classic “ruthless businessman” archetype. He will do anything to make money, and ethics be damned. As long as he doesn’t outright break the law (and he hasn’t), you can’t really criticize him.

Ruthless businessmen built America. You only have to look at the early history of the country, for example, the businessmen who built the railroads. Even today, there are may unscrupulous multinationals conducting questionable deals to enrich their bottom lines. This is capitalism at work.

Now, Donald Trump is the 45th President of the United States. Time to rejoice.

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