I know enough JavaScript…

I know that JavaScript is plagued by a whole host of hobgoblins, the numerous WATs and WTFs that have made it the butt of industry jokes for years.

I know that ECMA TC39 have done little to fix all of these problems because they don’t want to break the web. So they just keep piling on new features.

I know that JavaScript today is a huge, complex beast. The latest incarnation, ES8.0, has a language spec that’s over 885 pages long!!! Expect ES9.0 and ES10.0 to be even bigger.

I know that programming in React is very, very complicated. That’s why Vue has been rising rapidly to try and overtake React. People want an easier way to write front-end applications. (Angular is no picnic, either.)

If I had a choice in the web browser, why would I stick with JavaScript? (Fortunately, there is a choice: WebAssembly has arrived.)

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