I know enough about JavaScript to pass judgment. What is it that you think I don’t understand about JavaScript?

I’ve seen all the discussions about JavaScript’s notorious WATs and WTFs. I already showed you one from a JavaScript evangelist:

James Mickens of Harvard had this to say about JavaScript:

And, of course, the web is rife with reports about JavaScript’s multitudinous “warts.” All you have to do is Google them.

JavaScript is a weakly typed language (not to be confused with dynamically typed) which allows for all manner of crazy-ass coercions.

JavaScript’s front-end ecosystem is absolutely chaotic. The JavaScript community is highly fragmented over the dozens of available frameworks. Everybody is suffering from framework fatigue.

Here’s an amusing cartoon that nicely illustrates how chaotic JavaScript is:

Image for post
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Just because it’s funny doesn’t mean it’s false.

Look, I get it. JavaScript has some good parts, too. That’s why so many people are so forgiving of JavaScript’s numerous issues. I am not so forgiving.

I’ve used many, many programming languages over the past 30+ years. I know that they ALL have their issues. However, let’s not kid ourselves: JavaScript has more than its fair share.

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