I fully realize that I’m fighting an uphill battle with both JavaScript and Smalltalk. But that doesn’t mean the fight is not worth taking on.

If I can significantly raise Smalltalk’s profile and grow the user base by tens of thousands, I will consider that a resounding success. Sure, it may never win over a million users. It may never become a mainstream language. But my campaign could dispel the perception of Smalltalk as a dead or moribund language.

If I can significantly slow down JavaScript adoption, or at least contribute to the general understanding about why JavaScript is dangerous to good software engineering practice, then I will have done my duty. You’re absolutely correct, I ain’t putting this cat back in the bag, and I never pretended I could.

Both efforts have been a major part of the pro bono IT work that I’ve done since retiring in 2000. I like to give back to the profession that has been so good to me and that I love passionately.

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