I fell in love with Smalltalk, so much so that I created a blog here at Medium specifically geared to it and I spent last year as the Campaign Director for Smalltalk Renaissance, an advocacy organization to promote and popularize the language. I went so far as to try to raise money for a Smalltalk programming competition at Kickstarter. I absolutely love this language. It is so pure and simple, so elegant and beautiful, so incredibly powerful and versatile. If there is such a thing as the perfect programming language, Smalltalk is it (though Lisp/Scheme comes pretty damn close).

Interesting factoid: Smalltalk is so powerful and capable that it was used to write a million-line battle simulation program for the U.S. joint military called JWARS.

Interesting factoid: In the 1990s, Smalltalk almost became a dominant enterprise language when IBM selected it as the centrepiece for their VisualAge enterprise initiative, until they were faked out by Sun Microsystems and their brand-new upstart language called Java.

Interesting factoid: Smalltalk has been used commercially for over three decades and is still going strong today. Cincom, Instantiations, and GemTalk are the most prominent Smalltalk vendors with many global customers. ESUG (the European Smalltalk User Group) is a massive and highly active organization that has been heavily promoting Pharo, an open source Smalltalk with many corporate users. The next time someone tells you that Smalltalk is moribund and irrelevant, tell him he doesn’t know jack.

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