I feel you. JS is a very inferior programming language. Good alternatives (ie, transpiled) are relatively few.

Just because a language transpiles to JS should not necessarily be a barrier, however. I use Amber Smalltalk and I rarely have to look at JS. (I use JS to interface with third-party libraries, but that represents very little code.)

I treat the generated JS like assembly language. Just as in C or C++, you rarely have to descend to the assembly language level, even for debugging.

Community support and shelf life are valid concerns. I think something like Google-supported Dart is a safe choice. So is TypeScript, although being a strict superset of JS means that you’re not 100 per cent isolated from JavaScript’s nonsense.

I don’t worry about shelf life. As a polyglot programmer, I can move easily among programming languages. Remember the adage: “Always choose the right tool for the job.”

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