I don’t know if your comment is in any way related to my response article to Lauren, but I should say that I’m not at all pissed off nor arrogant. What Lauren wrote was simply incorrect, that is to say, she characterized the IT industry and the software engineering profession incorrectly. And for that, she must be called out.

When people display ignorance, it can spread like a meme or virus. It would be irresponsible not to challenge incorrect ideas, for this is the only way to test for the truth. If Lauren can defend her position in the light of such scrutiny, then the rest of the world gains insight. Unchallenged, incorrect ideas may poison the body of understanding that we all have.

It is not “arrogant” for one who has been in the IT industry for over 30 years to challenge a novice’s unsubstantiated opinions. Who else is qualified to challenge her? Or are you suggesting that no one should challenge her, that we should let ignorance fester?

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