I don’t go to movie theaters much anymore. I used to be an avid moviegoer, but as you say, Hollywood is no longer creating art. I mourn the loss of originality.

3D is dead to me, too. It was never a truly immersive experience. I enjoyed Avatar, but after that, the 3D sheen completely wore off. I hate wearing those 3D glasses. I hate the dimness of the picture through the glasses. And I hate spending extra dollars on top of already inflated theater prices.

I tried VIP seating once (adult drinks, food served to you, roomy seats), but it’s not worth the money. I can enjoy good food elsewhere for a fraction of the price and I refuse to be gouged at a movie theater.

So now I watch “first run” films on cable (Rogers On Demand), or illegally downloaded. I save my money for truly original creations, not sequels nor franchises.

However, there will be the odd film now and then that I really, really want to see on the BIG screen. Coming up soon is Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. I can hardly wait!

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