I do have “proper reason.” First of all, did you check out the link? It provides scientific evidence for Smalltalk’s renowned productivity.

As for “widely despised,” this too is pretty factual. I don’t have scientific evidence here, but it’s not hard to find many posts in forums and blogs from people who intensely dislike JavaScript. I’m on Quora and I see countless thousands of readers who upvote my criticisms of the language.

This article I wrote for Hacker Noon has become the most-read article I have ever published at Medium…as of May 18, 2017, over 97,700 views (and climbing) and 308 likes! Apparently, it is striking a loud chord with the public.

So, no, Mr. Reyes, I’m not “riding the hate train.” I’m tapping into a deep vein of discontent. JavaScript is, in fact, a widely despised programming language.

That’s not to suggest that there aren’t many JS fans like yourself. But that’s beside the point.

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