I disagree vehemently. Weak typing is not a strength under any condition. It’s a sloppy and undisciplined way to do programming. JavaScript’s weak typing and crazy-ass coercions are a major source of the many WATs and WTFs that JavaScript is infamous for (talk about “bizarre behaviours!”). JavaScript is no more powerful than, say, Smalltalk, which is dynamically and strongly typed. In fact, Smalltalk is so flexible that it’s the most productive programming language in the world, more than 3X better than JavaScript! Smalltalk is so powerful that it has been used to write a million-line battle simulation program for the U.S. joint military called JWARS. Let’s see JavaScript accomplish something like that!

Of all the major languages used in IT, JavaScript is the only one that is weakly typed. All the others are strongly typed, and for good reason! Whatever flexibility it may confer, it does not compensate for all the downsides. The debate between dynamic and static typing will rage on for all eternity, but there is no debate between strong and weak typing. It’s a settled issue.

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