I didn’t say anything about static types. In fact, I like dynamic languages, such as Smalltalk and Python and Scheme.

I talk about weak typing vs strong typing, and how JavaScript is a mess in this regard.

My favourite language is Smalltalk. When it comes to “shine,” Smalltalk is a supernova and JavaScript is a white dwarf. I’ll pit Smalltalk against JavaScript any day of the week. There is nothing that JavaScript can do that Smalltalk can’t. Smalltalk also has lambdas and closures and functional capability. Smalltalk has the finest implementation of the OO paradigm in the industry; many OO languages emulate Smalltalk, including Objective-C, Python, Ruby, CLOS, PHP 5, Perl 6, Groovy, Scala, Dart, Swift, and so on. Smalltalk syntax is wonderfully simple and elegant; JavaScript, by comparison, is butt-ugly. JavaScript is also much more verbose.

And with dialects like Cincom and Smalltalk MT, Smalltalk can run rings around JavaScript in terms of concurrency and multi-threading.

Finally, Smalltalk is the most productive programming language in the world. Twice as productive as Ruby. Three times as productive as JavaScript!

In terms of velocity of development, nothing can match Smalltalk!

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