I can’t believe that you’ve made such a stupid statement. You’re comparing Muslims with Nazis? The Nazis made it perfectly clear that their agenda was to expand their Reich to encompass the world. This was a threat to the security of every country on the planet.

The Muslims, on the other hand, just want to live in peace with their religion, much in the same way that Christians and Buddhists want to live in peace with their religions. In general, they are not a threat to global security. Remember, the jihadists represent a tiny percentage of Muslims. They’re called “radical” or “extremist” for a reason. They’re a fringe group, albeit a very large fringe group (assuming one per cent, that’s 16 million jihadists).

It is completely unreasonable–indeed, it is insane–to paint all Muslims as a threat to global security. Why make enemies out of a peaceful population? Do you really think that peaceful Muslims will sit back and let you deport them, let you uproot their lives in order to appease your fears?

This is exactly what ISIS wants: to turn people like you against Muslims so that they can foment global jihad. They’re trying to exploit your ignorance and fear. And you’re caving in to them.

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