I appreciate the fact that there are people like you who love JavaScript. My beef is that this language is being foisted on a large portion of the IT industry, many of whom definitely do not love JavaScript. But since they have no choice (because that’s where the jobs are), they must endure what they hate. Or else, avoid the front-end development field altogether.

However, front-end technology dominates the world we live in and we can’t escape it. It is for these hapless souls that I rage against JavaScript.

In all other fields of IT, we have language choice. Back end? We can use Java, Python, C++, C#, Ruby, PHP, Perl, etc. Plenty of jobs for all of them.

Data science? We can use Python, R, MATLAB, Java, C++, etc. Plenty of jobs for all of them.

Mobile? We can use Java, Kotlin, Objective-C, Swift, C#, Dart, etc. Plenty of jobs for all of them.

Front-end? It’s JavaScript or nothing! That’s why I try so hard to encourage people to use transpiled languages (like ClojureScript, Dart, GopherJS, JSweet, Opal, PharoJS, Scala.js, Transcrypt, etc.), instead. I’m trying to give these people genuine choice.

But I realize I’m up against an enormous obstacle. The IT industry has been so thoroughly mindfucked that they can’t or won’t consider anything other than JavaScript. And so, these poor hapless souls continue to suffer.

I do this for them. I do this out of conscience. Personally, I gain nothing.

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