I am totally ashamed to be Canadian

I am totally ashamed to be Canadian. Our government is comprised of ignorant fools.

There is no Uighur genocide. If these idiot politicians bothered to visit Xinjiang, they could see the truth for themselves.

They could see Uighur culture flourishing. They could see mosques everywhere and Uighur street signs everywhere. They could see pregnant Uighur women and Uighur children playing in the streets. If China is committing genocide, it’s doing a really, really terrible job of it.

Unless they think Xinjiang is one vast Potemkin village, they must trust what their eyes tell them. Don’t Canadian politicians have any common sense???

And, by the way, take a look at Chinese paper currency. There’s Uighur script in the top right corner. Shouldn’t cultural genocide erase all elements of Uighur culture? Hey, I’m just asking.

Canadian politicians should also look up the population stats for Xinjiang…

From Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region Statistics Bureau, Copyright © 2010–2020:

The Uighur population in 2020 is 12.1 million, about 800,000 higher than in 2015. What kind of genocide is this???

I guess the politicians are too lazy to look it up.