I am perfectly aware that JavaScript is being used to write many web applications, including those at Facebook, Google, etc. What is your definition of “large” for these applications? Can you tell me definitively how many LOC they have?

Moreover, you do realize that many of these web applications suffer from reliability problems, including occasional crashes, right? (Hell, even Medium.com, where you are reading this very post, has exhibited major problems as of late.) Of all the classes of applications in IT (desktop, server, embedded, etc.), web software is particularly notorious for their unreliability. This shouldn’t come as a surprise, since nearly all of this software is written in JavaScript! Duh!

If you exercise your reading comprehension, such as it is, you’ll find that I acknowledge the rich ecosystem that JavaScript possesses, but I still point out the folly of using this language to the exclusion of all other important software engineering considerations.

James Mickens, a Harvard professor of computer science, has half-jokingly remarked that financial institutions responsible for his money should not be using JavaScript:

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