Frameworks aren’t required. This is a bit of a straw man.

Words like “cacophony” and “deranged” are symptomatic of propaganda, not logical persuasive argument. It has yet to be shown that any of the frameworks are “deranged,” as that is simply a matter of personal opinion.

Deprecatory statements regarding an opponent are not a positive assertion of ones own qualities. Dissing JavaScript is not a positive statement about Pharo, SmallTalk, or anything in particular. It’s just a proxy for ad hominem argument.

I am amused that you took an off-the-cuff remark and turned it into a big deal. It hardly seems worth the effort.

I apologize if I hurt your feelings by criticizing your favourite language, though, for the life of me, I don’t understand why you are so sensitive about it.

Of course it’s my personal opinion. My blog — and all blogs, for that matter — are about personal opinions. You are quite free to create your own blog and express your own personal opinions. That’s how the system works.

The study you cite wouldn’t meet high-school science fair standards…

That’s just your opinion. See, you are permitted to expresss your own.

The author of the study, Capers Jones, is a respected expert in the field of software metrics. If the study fails to meet high-school science fair standards, perhaps you can do better and become an expert in software metrics, as well. Apparently, you think it’s an easy job.

Perhaps you can identify a superior study to challenge Capers Jones’. I chose his because I couldn’t find any others.

And, by the way, “performance” is seldom an issue for the vast majority of software applications today. That’s why languages like Python, PHP, and Ruby are in the Top 10. Python, in particular, is the second most popular language in the world and enormously versatile; you can find it nearly everywhere!

No one has compared Pharo’s performance to JavaScript’s yet, but I expect Pharo to do very well because of the amazing Cog VM. Do you know any better?

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