I agree we have to fight them and destroy them. The question is how. Historically, we have pushed them back militarily, but today the circumstances are much different. Do you propose that we put boots on the ground to fight ISIS? This would be playing into their hands. They’ll cry: “Look, the infidels have invaded our lands and usurped our sovereignty. Defend yourselves!” Neighbouring Arab countries and Pakistan will ally themselves against the United States, China, Russia, much of Europe, perhaps even India in the bloodiest World War imaginable. Other major Islamic countries such as Indonesia may well be pulled in. Hundreds of millions will die. This is a very realistic and likely scenario.

And what of the millions of Muslims settled in other parts of the world? Normally peaceful, they will come to the aid of Islam if we wage war against their religion. You thought we had a terrorism problem today? You haven’t seen anything yet.

Your opinion and sentiment are nothing short of nihilistic. ISIS have dragged you down to their level. You are dragging your knuckles rather than thinking critically and intelligently.

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