How does Chinese democracy compare with Western democracy?

The real question here is: Which style of democracy works better for the people?

Chinese democracy delivers tangible results. Prosperity, safety, stability. The Chinese have seen a steady improvement in their standard of living for over 40 years.

For most Western countries, Western democracy fails to deliver tangible results. Westerners have seen a steady degradation of their standard of living over the past several decades. No wonder the people are so angry!

Chinese democracy is responsive to the people’s needs. That’s what makes it democratic.

If Western democracy were responsive, we shouldn’t see homelessness and poverty. We shouldn’t see gun violence and mass shootings. We shouldn’t see systemic racism. We shouldn’t see millions of people dying in a pandemic.

Being able to choose which political party to govern you is not democracy. It’s a procedure. A principle. It does not automatically imbue society with practical good.

Democracy is about “people power,” about the people getting what they ask for.



Mr. Smalltalk:

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