Here’s a good article about learning to code. Be wary and exercise your due diligence.

In particular, be wary of getting into bed with JavaScript and its associated technologies. Why? Well, for starters, JavaScript is a very poor language for software engineering and not a healthy start for one’s IT career. Read all about it here.

For another, the current popularity of Single Page Applications (SPA) and JavaScript frameworks, such as Angular, React, Ember, etc., is very much fad and fashion. Client-side, “front-end” web development is unnecessarily complicated and overkill for many situations and many businesses. (Traditional, server-side web applications are usually more than sufficient.) The whole thing has been super-hyped up and much of the IT community has drunk the Kool-Aid. What happens once this fad is over, once SPA and front-end development are no longer in vogue? What will you do with your JavaScript, Angular, React, Ember, etc. skills?

Also, WebAssembly is coming and once it arrives, we will have much better languages available in the web browser. We will no longer be held hostage to JavaScript. I expect JavaScript will diminish in popularity and relevance.

I’m glad to see that Treehouse offers a sane path to an IT career with Java and Python, and with Android and iOS (Swift). Most other bootcamps are not so forward-thinking.

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