Go is an excellent language to learn right now. It’s rapidly becoming a top tier language, the first to do so in over 20 years!

I greatly appreciate everything you said. It’s very true. Everybody who learns JavaScript for the first time is seduced by it, not realizing how truly awful the language is and not understanding how much trouble they’ll get into further down the road. JavaScript fans love to point at Node, claiming that it’s easy to use and very flexible and very fast for concurrent processing. However, there are serious limitations in Node and asking people to use JavaScript is a major turn-off for many.

There is nothing that Go can’t do compared to Node, and Go can do it better. Go is just as easy to use. Go is just as flexible. And Go is much faster in both processing speed and concurrency.

NPM is another joke. Yes, there are countless thousands of NPM packages but most of them are junk! NPM is a huge, disorganized morass. Go’s package tools and ecosystem are far superior.

Node fans say that its greatest advantage is letting you use one language throughout the entire stack, from front to back end. Really? That’s a huge advantage? Veteran IT pros have been polyglot for ages, and using multiple languages for software projects has never — ever! — been an issue.

Seriously, there is no problem in using JavaScript for front end and Go (or Java or Scala or Clojure or Elixir) for back end. The one-language advantage is specious, especially when that language is JavaScript.

Thank you!

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