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Genesis G70 vs BMW 3 Series — Real World Example

I recently purchased a 2021 Genesis G70, Elite trim in Uyuni White (which is a sort of metallic pearl white) with Caramel Brown Leather. It’s a very nice pairing!

The vehicle comes with a 2.0-litre, turbocharged, inline-four engine pumping out 252 hp @ 6200 rpm and 260 lb-ft @ 1400 rpm. It has AWD and 8-speed automatic transmission. This car is very quick and powerful!

The choice of the G70 was made against the only other option: BMW 330i. My decision was based on two key factors:

  1. Value
  2. Reliability and Cost of Maintenance

While most people would’ve had a third factor, brand recognition, this was not key in my mind. Why? Because BMW is too ubiquitous. I see it everywhere on the road. There are so many Bimmers that I’ve become numb to their existence.

At least the Genesis brand stands out for its relative uniqueness; this makes it special. I prefer to be a leader than a follower.

I like that the Genesis emblem bears a strong resemblance to Aston Martin and Bentley. I like that the G70 grille resembles that of Bentley’s.

Side by side, there is no question in my mind that the G70 is the more handsome vehicle. Of course, this is a matter of individual taste.

I live in Markham, Ontario, Canada. I priced the BMW 330i at CAD$53,395 (BMW Ultimate Year End Sales Event). This is for a configuration that closely matches my G70.

I paid $46,000 for my G70. That means I saved $8,356 over the 330i (taking sales tax into account)! This is one honking big chunk of change!

This difference can pay for 5 years of insurance (luxury car insurance is quite expensive). Or nearly 8 years of premium gas.

One thing I should point out, however: the BMW 330i has significantly better fuel economy.

Both J.D. Power and Consumer Reports rank Genesis very high on reliability. It’s #1 on J.D. Power and #5 on Consumer Reports.

BMW’s reliability is middling on both rankings.

J.D. Power (2020):

  1. Genesis
  2. Lexus
  3. Buick
  4. Porsche
  5. Toyota
  6. Volkswagen
  7. Lincoln
  8. BMW
  9. Chevrolet
  10. Ford
  11. Mazda
  12. Cadillac
  13. Hyundai
  14. Kia
  15. Audi
  16. Nissan
  17. Acura
  18. Honda
  19. Ram
  20. Mitsubishi
  21. MINI
  22. Mercedes-Benz
  23. Subaru
  24. Infiniti
  25. Dodge
  26. Jeep
  27. Fiat
  28. GMC
  29. Volvo
  30. Jaguar
  31. Chrysler
  32. Land Rover

Consumer Reports (2020):

  1. Lexus
  2. Mazda
  3. Toyota
  4. Porsche
  5. Genesis
  6. Hyundai
  7. Subaru
  8. Dodge
  9. Kia
  10. Mini
  11. Nissan
  12. Honda
  13. Infiniti
  14. Audi
  15. Lincoln
  16. Ford
  17. BMW
  18. Buick
  19. Chrysler
  20. Mitsubishi
  21. Mercedes-Benz
  22. GMC
  23. Tesla
  24. Volvo
  25. Chevrolet
  26. Jeep
  27. Volkswagen
  28. Acura
  29. Alfa Romeo
  30. Cadillac

The problem with BMW is that, after its 4-year warranty expires, BMW will gouge you to death with the cost of maintenance and repairs. This is where BMW mostly makes its money.

Is brand recognition worth overspending on purchase price and maintenance? In my humble opinion, no. Just because you’re wealthy doesn’t mean you should be foolish and wasteful.

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