First of all, I chose Raspberry Pi because it costs so very little. I mean, we’re talking about $60 for a complete kit! A university textbook costs more than that nowadays! (And you can buy a Raspberry Pi board for as little as $5.)

Second, there is already a very good Smalltalk tutorial for web development: Live Object Programming in Pharo. Why be repetitive? Let’s cover some new ground!

Third, IoT is a very hot and exciting area. It’s a very fun way to get into programming. I found that lack of motivation is a common problem among beginners. That’s why they give up so easily. I looked for something that could get people excited.

Fourth, the RPi is a great way to demonstrate many problems that programmers (including beginners) must learn to deal with in the course of writing software. My tutorial guides them into these areas. Nothing I’ve presented is particularly challenging; it’s all basic stuff.

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