Entrepreneurs have a particular type of personality. Not everybody is cut out to be an entrepreneur. Eleanor Roosevelt seemed to have overlooked this truth.

Here’s another truth: most entrepreneurs never achieve great success. Most startups fail. If you persist long enough and hard enough, you may achieve some small measure of success, perhaps a small business that manages to eke out a profit. But in that case, you’re not better off than the accountant, who, by the way, gets to go home after 9-to-5 and chill out in front of his favourite video game. (I know, because my step-son is a well-paid accountant.)

Entrepreneurs typically have to endure much more stress. And very long hours at the expense of a social life. However, they’ve determined that it’s worth it and who am I to judge? Like I said, they have a particular type of personality.

Your “inspirational” article can only inspire those who are inclined to be entrepreneurial. I suppose that’s something.

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