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Donald Trump was my inspiration

Think of me as the Donald Trump of the IT industry.

Many of you may hate my guts, but why the fuck should I care, as long as I get into the White House, erm, I meant as long as I get my way: build up Smalltalk and tear down JavaScript.

My marketing approach has been Donald Trump-like…spread misinformation, crow about our successes, exaggerate our successes, hammer home the same message (#MakeSmalltalkGreatAgain) again and again and again, relentlessly and without restraint. Hey, if it worked for Donald Trump…

Not only Donald Trump. It worked for Apple, too. Remember their “I’m a Mac; I’m a PC” ad campaign where Apple mercilessly hammered away at Windows with exaggerations and misinformation? Who needs the truth when you have brilliant marketers and a large enough soapbox?

So fuck you. I’m going to continue my merciless attack on JavaScript. I’m going to continue my Smalltalk evangelism. I want Donald Trump to be proud of me. He’s my heeero.

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