Insightful documentary. However, I worry that it may exacerbate anti-China sentiments and encourage scapegoating for the pandemic.

Did China make mistakes? Undoubtedly. Did Western countries make mistakes? Unquestionably. Everybody made mistakes during this crisis.

However, the mistakes made by the West were far more costly. By the end of January, the entire world had all the information about COVID-19. Had they acted immediately to mitigate spread, they could’ve managed the pandemic quite well.

Instead, they delayed and procrastinated for nearly two months. The result? Today, the US has 466,988 deaths, Brazil has 228,883, Mexico has 161,240, India has 154,862, UK has 110,250, Italy has 90,241, France has 77,952, Russia has 75,205, Germany has 60,885, and Spain has 60,802 (at the time of writing). Costly indeed.

The West is just as culpable as China, if not more so. There was no excuse. Remember, everybody made mistakes during this crisis.

I leave you with one final thought. China was the first country in history to lock down a city or province or country in order to prevent spread. Prior to COVID-19, this notion was unheard of. No country locked down over HIV, SARS, H1N1 Swine Flu, MERS, Ebola, and Zika. So the idea that China could’ve prevented the pandemic is rather rich.