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BYTE Covers for Programming Languages

I did a search of all BYTE issues that covered programming languages and highlighted on the front cover:

  • Pascal — August, 1978
  • LISP — August, 1979
  • Forth — August, 1980
  • Smalltalk — August, 1981
  • Logo — August, 1982
  • C — August, 1983
  • Modula-2 — August, 1984
  • Prolog — August, 1985 (Declarative Languages, incl. Hope, ML)
  • Object-oriented Languages — August, 1986
  • Prolog — August, 1987
  • Lisp — February, 1988 (In Depth)
  • C — August, 1988 (In Depth)

Where’s BASIC and Eiffel? Interestingly, they didn’t seem to cover C++. (They didn’t cover COBOL and FORTRAN because these were typically mainframe languages.)

When BYTE made a programming language its cover story, it was a big deal. It was a powerful way to raise awareness about a language to millions of programming enthusiasts everywhere. What better way to generate grassroot interest?

BYTE was one of two programming magazines that I grew up with. (The other was Dr. Dobb’s Journal.) It was extremely influential. Jerry Pournelle was probably the most famous journalist writing for BYTE and I followed him a great deal.

When BYTE closed down in 1998, it was a sad day for programmers everywhere.

Do you have a personal story about BYTE? Tell us in the comments.

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