Because I’m sick and tired of everybody idolizing this shit language. Yes, I know it’s very popular for web development because the web is all-pervasive in our digital world. Yes, I know there are lots of front-end jobs for JavaScript because so many companies want to make the web browser user experience primo. Yes, I know that everybody thinks it’s an easy way to start a lucrative career — that’s why everybody and their dog is learning JavaScript/Angular/React. Yes, I know that deluded JavaScript devs think so highly of the language that they’ve spread this cancer to mobile and desktop. All of this is true. And yet, JavaScript remains a shit language from the technical standpoint.

I absolutely agree that if you’re a good programmer, you can make JavaScript work for you. But why? Why must you use a shit language? Because it’s the only language native to the web browser and you have no bloody choice? Is that really a sufficiently good reason?

There are better alternatives. You don’t have to use a shit language. I want our profession to do better. I don’t want to see the profession that I love demeaned by all of this garbage.

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