“As JavaScript was becoming more and more ubiquitous as it was accumulating developer mindshare, it started popping up in weird and unexpected places: initially, this was just the corners of the web previously untouched by the JS-pandemic, but soon after that, JavaScript was all over the place.”

I like to say that JavaScript is a cancer that is metastasizing.

“…it became apparent that this was a language with a lot of “baggage” — one with quite a few skeletons in various closets to uncover.”

Thus, making this a dangerous language to use: JavaScript’s Sword of Damocles.

“ECMA (more specifically, TC39) has released several editions of the base standard since then…”

Yes, and JavaScript continues to grow in size and complexity with each release! Yuck! This is no longer a light, breezy language for beginners.

You’re right that JavaScript’s days are numbered. WebAssembly is coming!

In the meantime, though, I think using transpiled languages is the best way of dealing with JavaScript: The Super Surrogates of JavaScript.

I also think that Node’s best days are behind it: The Fall of the House of Node.

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