And why does it bother you so much? Is there someone forcing you to read my stuff at gunpoint? You need to call the police.

It’s really easy to avoid reading my stuff. All you have to do is…wait for it…when you see my name, Richard Kenneth Eng, just skip the article. Hope this helps.

As for why I write these articles, I’m trying to warn the world about this execrable, wretched, dangerous language. It’s an honourable public service. Apparently, people are listening:

That’s a lot of people!!! I am extremely happy with my reach.

Yes, there are many people making stuff with JavaScript. There are many people making stuff with PHP, Perl, C++, and Visual Basic, too. All of these languages are widely reviled. I do not question the usefulness of JavaScript. However, just because you can make stuff with it doesn’t mean it’s a good programming language. All I’m trying to do is improve the way people write software.

A great many programmers care about the quality of their tools. For those who don’t care, there’s no helping them. Such is life. I’ve done all I can.

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