Am I the only one who finds life hack articles specious?

Here at Medium, there are principally three classes of articles that get lots and lots of play: 1) life hacks; 2) tech (esp. as it relates to startups); and 3) entremanureship (startups). All other articles pale in significance and readership. These articles are collectively known as the Triumvirate of Medium.

Of the three classes, I find the life hack articles to be the most specious, to be of least value. Most of them are little more than listicles. Most of them say the most obvious things (Duh!). Most of them are superficial, based on a little bit of pop psychology (and I mean little), and lacking any kind of wisdom. They are painful to read for these reasons. That so many praise the articles by clicking on Recommend and writing glowing comments shows just how innumerable are the empty-headed people in this world.

Life hack articles single-handedly devalue the gravitas of this publication platform. It is simply not a good place to visit for meaningful and enlightening stories. As a place to find technical information, however, esp. with respect to software development, it is somewhat useful. For me, this is pretty well the only reason to patronize Medium.

Ultimately, life hack articles are ego-stroking tripe read by insecure, shallow people. I really wish Medium could curate this mess and deliver us some literary value.

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